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UKULELE FREAK A Yalle Media Group Company

Ukulele Freak is a Yalle Media Group Platform set aside to help guide individuals that wants to develop their ukulele skills. It’s a break out from the original Yalle Media Platform. 

We discovered that Ukulele is taking over the String Industry and so it is essential we assist individuals in developing their skills. The World is beginning to see Ukulele from a different perspective. In 2017 more than 1.8m Ukulele were bought in the USA, while over 3.1m were bought WorldwideWith the help of our Professional Instrumentalists, Tips, Ideas, Chord Tabs will be be shared frequently to enhance skills of Ukulele Players.

Irabor Osamudiamen
C.E.O Yalle Media Group, Yalle Tech & Ukulele Freak.